Travel Local: Cherry Hill Gate

The summer heat in Ontario has been absolutely insane! Temperatures have been reaching above 40 degrees Celsius on the daily and it has absolutely sucked. I have mentioned that I love summer but when the temperatures rocket like that…no good. Luckily, things cool off a bit in the evening and that is why I decided to race the sun for a sunset hike in the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG). So, we decided to head to Cherry Hill Gates and see what that hiking area had to offer us.

Cherry Hill Gate is right off of plains road, which makes it visible and convenient. Parking is $5.00 but I am not spending my money on parking (I have ranted about that previously) and there is an abundance of streetside parking available on Botanical Drive. So, after a few photos with the precious Cherry Hill Gate gate we hit the trails.


The sun was already low in the sky when we started out, making everything a little darker and a little cooler. It was an amazing hike and I really enjoyed all of the beautiful foliage. We decided to follow the trail to the ‘Laking Garden’ thinking that it was actually going to be a garden on a lake however it seems that this particular place is a paid area included in the general admission of $14.00 for the RBG. No worries as we ended up on the beloved boardwalk which I spoke about in previous blog here.
It was just poppin’ with wildlife and plants; everything was much greener than I remember! Side Note: We found some trash that people left behind and carried it to a garbage, if you want to litter just stay home and throw garbage on your floor, oh wait no one is picking up after you? That’s right, so don’t litter! We strolled along this area for a bit and I took my time with pictures because…baby ducks!!! So cute!

Sweet baby ducklings!
I really love coming here and have decided that this is now my ‘go-to hiking’ spot in Burlington, something I have been searching for since moving to the city! I don’t think you can go wrong with a trip to Cherry Hill Gate, it is a must-see if you ever come to the Burlington/Hamilton area. I love this area so much that I might actually pay the admission for the Royal Botanical Gardens because I am pretty sure everything will be just as beautiful as this trip was!

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