Chasing Waterfalls Part Five : The Ancaster Waterfalls

Last week I took some much needed time off from the office and hit the trails in Ancaster, ON. You may know Ancaster as the pretty little Town that is home to the Ancaster Mill, a beautiful albeit pricey restaurant and popular venue for weddings. However, it is also a great spot to hit the trails as it is home to 4 of Hamilton’s waterfalls: Tiffany Falls, Mills Falls, Sherman Falls and Canterbury Falls. So, on a random Tuesday my partner and I took to the highway and made our way into Ancaster for a day of green and chasing waterfalls. I really like taking off random days during the week since sometimes I don’t feel as if I need a whole week to recharge but just a little break during a hectic work schedule. Also, weekdays are usually when my partner is off and I admit that it is nice to spend some outdoor time with my favourite hiking buddy.

cameraa 284

**Before I explain the falls I would like to add that I saw a tick on the trail and if you don’t know what ticks are, please look them up as they can carry Lime Disease. You can help prevent tick bites by wearing pants and tucking them into your socks, spraying yourself with bug spray as well as staying on marked trails**

Ancaster Village Waterfall Walk

Lucky for me all of the waterfalls can be found on one convenient 5.7 km walk that starts at Tiffany Falls Conservation. Unlucky for me it is a $5.00 parking fee and I HATE paying for parking when hiking. I am so against paying for parking while hiking and while $5.00 is definitely not breaking the bank, I just couldn’t bring myself to cough up the cash. So, instead we started at the Ancaster Mill, which happens to be where the Mills Falls are located as well as a convenient trail head and ample free parking. We were here during the day on a work day so there wasn’t a lot of encounters while hiking and we pretty much had the waterfalls to ourselves.

cameraa 275

Canterbury Falls

cameraa 271

Our first destination and it was beautiful. An easy hike from where we parked with mostly packed down trail as well as plenty of markers and a map explaining where you are. The falls were pretty small height wise but that means they were climbable! Which my partner and I both did eagerly considering the humidity was intense and pushing 40 degrees Celsius.

Sherman Falls

cameraa 277

We were going to hike to these falls but we came across an odd part of the trail which advised no hiking as it was private property….so strange. So we decided to hop back in the car and take a gander at Sherman Falls before heading home. They are much taller than Canterbury Falls and located pretty much right off of the main road. An easy walk which I actually did in my flip-flops because my feet were overheating in my hiking boots. My partner actually fully dunked himself in these falls, making myself and some other visitors laugh.

Mills Falls

I left these little falls until last because while I didn’t visit on this occasion, I have done so in the past when I ate at the Mill. It is a little awkward to get to these falls because they are located adjacent to the Ancaster Mill’s patio and seem to actually be on the Mill’s property. I don’t believe the property is private and I encourage you to explore the beautiful gardens as well as the Mill itself; it is a wonderful piece of architecture. However, it is a fancy place and I was covered in waterfall residue…meaning I was pretty damp and didn’t want to walk through the pretty mill.

Camera 1492

Hiking waterfalls is a great way to beat the humidity, waterfalls tend to be in deeper woods and the canopies of tree tops help keep the beating sun off of your head. I will definitely be back and may very reluctantly pay the parking fee for Tiffany Falls or hike through from another trail head. We finished off this hike with a much needed iced cap from Timmies, like there’s any other way during the Canadian summer!

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