Get Outside, Always

IMG-20180514-WA0000I have written about the Town of Oakville previously and expressed how much I enjoy spending my free time here, exploring salt caves, drinking smoothies and taking in the many views of Lake Ontario. You can read about my previous adventures in Oakville here. However, I am also ‘forced’ in a way to spend my professional time here as well because this is where I happen to work. I know, I live in Burlington and work in Oakville…pity me. Just kidding, these are two areas that are well known for their beauty and I am more than happy to travel to Oakville on a daily basis. I am very lucky to work about a 20 minute walk from the lake and I have taken advantage of this picturesque area on more than one occasion on my lunch break.

Like most people I do have an hour for lunch and when the weather is nice I like to go outside, so the spots I have highlighted are places that are great for a short walk or a mini day trip. They are all close to Downtown Oakville and have ample street parking, so if you find yourself needing to kill an hour or you also work in Oakville and have no idea where to head for a little lunch time walk. Oh boy, you’re in luck. These are my top three favourite lunch time adventure spots.

Maple Grove Drive

A short but sweet walk for just about anyone. The houses on this street are amazing, I love walking up and Maple Grove during all seasons. I have worked in Oakville for a year and a half and have not even come close to getting tired of this street. The trees are really tall, there are multiple magnolia trees along the way and best of all: Maple Grove Drive ends at a perfect view of the lake. In total this is amount an hour walk, back and forth.

Lake Ontario


Joshua’s Valley Park

I happened along this little area on one of my lunch time wanders. At the time I had to head back to the office but I came back a couple of days later eager to see what this small wooded area had to offer. It is a nice trail that runs along a river into an area that looks like you are much more deep-woods than you really are. The featured image for this post is also from Joshua’s Valley Park.  I saw some other people dressed in work attire with runners enjoying the Park.


Wedgewood Park

Another happy accident. Truth be told, a lot of the time I just walk around like a weirdo searching for something pretty. Well, this time I got it. At the end of a residential street I happened across Wedgewood Park, it looks like it’s about to take you into the wilderness but really you can enjoy all of the benefits of a deep woods hike while on a lunch break. Pretty sweet.


What do you do on your lunch break to stay active? I would love to hear about the small ways you get on your feet during your time off. When I make my way outside for this hour it really breaks up the day and I feel as if I have accomplished something small. It is a great way to hit the reset button on a busy day, have some much needed me time or clear your head for new ideas. I started to go on these mini explorations when my work day was extremely tough and I thought that I couldn’t take any time out of my schedule to re-charge. Truth be told, I couldn’t afford not to. Burn out is a real concept and when we push ourselves to the extreme on a consistent basis it is only a matter of time until we can’t push anymore. This is just a small thing that I do when days are hectic, it isn’t a unique concept but I don’t think it is supposed to be; instead it is something most of us can actually work into our daily lives.  I think sometimes we take for granted how easy it can be to just get active and make a small change in our lives, perhaps it’s time we stop and get outside.


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