Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

When the weather warms up it means one thing to me: hiking season! Spring is a great time to visit one of your bucket list spots and hit the trail since the weather is just warm enough to be a comfortable hike but cool enough that you may still be able to beat the summer crowds. On this particularly blustery day, my friend and I decided to hike the Forks of the Credit in Caledon; a spot that I have been meaning to hit for oh, I don’t know…the last three years.


This is a paid parking area, it will cost you about $7.00 for three hours and the parking lot is pretty small, so if you want a spot in the summer I would recommend coming early because everyone in the area knows about Forks of the Credit, so it can become pretty crowded. After paying, pulling on a toque, mittens and ensuring we packed enough water; we headed on our way. Since this was my first time, I knew I wanted to see the waterfall! Obviously. The trail is pretty easy going, smooth (but get ready for some glute work because there are some steep hills), well maintained as well as easy to navigate due to the great signage along the way. We followed the markers indicating ‘Falls’ and had no issues finding the pretty cascade.


What a picturesque area! We definitely took our time, spending almost three hours on the trail…no regrets! Talk about views; we came across a small lake, an even smaller marsh, an open field with the appearance of being frequented by Njord (the Norse god of wind), a river side adventure, pine covered trails and of course; the waterfall.





If you are heading to Caledon and would like a pretty place to get some exercise, definitely make Forks of the Credit a stop along the way. I will even go so far as to recommend making a road trip out to this area, whether it is a daytrip or a mini vacation, the Forks of the Credit will be well worth your time. This is my favourite hike of 2018 thus far and it may be a tough place to top but the warm weather is just arriving and we are just getting started!


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