Chasing Waterfalls Part Four: Heading West on the Chedoke Radial Trail

On a gloomy Saturday I decided to give my legs a major workout and head back into Hamilton for some more waterfall chasing and oh boy, a caught a few. I went back to the Chedoke Golf Course to start my hike, and walked the Chedoke Radial Trail up the Hamilton Mountain. The weather had been very cold and rainy this week and the trail was definitely a little worse for wear; I wore my wellies just to be safe! For the most part this is a very publicly accessible area; as long as you stay on the main trail which is paved or packed down for an easy walk. There are many side trails that you can explore but perhaps wait until the summer because it is muddy, slippery and more than likely takes you up the mountain where your footing is already unstable on the nicest days.

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This was a good day for waterfall chasing, the weather was warm enough but because of the consistent overcast weather I was mostly alone on the trail. Which meant that I could get up close and personal with these waterfalls…which I attempted to do, despite already mentioning that it was both icy and muddy. Now, I have no idea which waterfalls I came across but cross referencing them with Cascades and Waterfalls of HamiltonI am going to make some assumptions. Note: the only waterfall labelled was Iroquois Falls.

Lower Scenic Cascade

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Princess Falls

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Scenic Falls

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Lower Cliffview Falls

Cliffview Falls

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Lower Westcliffe Falls

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Iroquois Falls

All of the waterfalls were easy to see from the trail and accessible for close up shots if you are willing to get a little (or a lot) muddy.  The trail took me around the mountain for some panoramic views of the escarpment as well as the City of Hamilton; which all in all wasn’t that great as Hamilton is not a pretty city. Don’t get me wrong, heading into Hamilton for hiking is always nice but as far as views of the actual city go…not the most appealing.

Well, another waterfall adventure comes to a close and I still don’t think I have even nipped on the tip of the iceberg for these hiking excursions. If you think I have the names wrong on this one, please do correct me as it is a bucket list item of mine to see them all! Do you have a favourite waterfall? Mine was Princess Falls, directly on the trail with green, tropical looking water. Until next time Hamilton, summer is approaching and I am coming for ya!


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