A Mini Trip to Dundurn Castle

As the weather slowly becomes warmer, I am starting to get restless. I have cooped myself up indoors for the majority of the winter and enough is enough. For a  bit of a mini break, I took a Monday off and decided that I would make my way to Dundurn Castle in Hamilton.


I used to work in Hamilton and would pass Dundurn Castle everyday, my curiosity would peak and I would say to myself that I wanted to explore the Castle, then I would promptly forget. So, when I found myself in the City of Hamilton, I knew that I should probably just visit the castle and cross that item off of my list.
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So, a little bit of a background story about the Castle… established in 1813 by the British the castle was originally used as a military encampment. However, the castle is much more well known for being the home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Premier to Canada (before it was the Canada we know today). The castle holds tours of the 40 rooms until about 4pm during the weekdays. I arrived about fifteen minutes before the castle was closing and noticed a young woman dressed in old-time clothing, I was so confused because I went to the castle not knowing that you can actually go inside and that staff would be in costume. Needless to say; I didn’t make it for a tour of the inside of the castle, also a tour for a regular adult is $11.50 and I honestly wasn’t that interested to pay to enter the castle.
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I did take a walk around the grounds, enjoying the view over lake Ontario as well as the railway tracks. I walked to the random arch and smaller coach building, the grounds are not huge and I believe I saw everything in the short time I was there.
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The location of the castle is a little strange, right off of York Road, a particularly busy road in Hamilton. Obviously this is not the Castle’s fault but it does take away from the atmosphere. I am not sure I will ever make my way back to Dundurn Castle, nor do I really recommend going out of your way to come to this area. Sorry Dundurn but you are not interesting enough for a rebound.

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