Bridges and Waterfalls: Exploring Belfountain Conservation

There is a tiny town nestled between a large city and what seems to be the beginning of the tree lined country side called Belfountain. This quaint, picturesque neighbourhood is home to not only one of the cutest ice cream shops I have laid eyes on but also the Belfountain Conservation Area. A large adventure destination for those who can hike until their legs fall off as well as those who want a nice spot for a picnic and some pictures on the suspension bridge which crosses over the tiered waterfall that marks this area as a staple point for the surrounding area. I should mention that Belfountain is located within Caledon, which is a part of the Municipality of Peel in Ontario. This is a consistently popular area because it is so pretty and a great place to go for anyone who has even the slightest interest in the outdoors. Belfountain is closed during the winter months.

A hike with a view, Belfountain is just the beginning.


I started my day by paying the admission fee – how fun – of $5.31. While I am never a fan of areas that charge for entry, this price does include admission to all of the Credit Valley Conservation Areas for the day. There are 10 parks in total, perfect for those who want to spend the entire day hiking and park jumping as most of them are close together. This was my original plan but my hiking buddy put a stop to that when he got tired after a couple of hours.

Hunter and Chelsea
This is my hiking buddy; Hunter! He is an adorable golden retriever.

We parked and started off on our adventure. There is a large picnic area when you walk out of the parking lot, here there were barbeques and people have picnics, which my hiking buddy eagerly wanted to be a part of. We made our way to what seemed like the main attraction; the giant fountain, suspension bridge and waterfall.

Bustling with people, we took in the scenery and cool mist of the water, crossing the bridge twice, much to my hiking buddy’s dismay as he did not enjoy the constant rocking of the suspension and practically pulled my arm off running across it the second time. Even with all of the people it is hard to ignore the beauty of this park, the lush forest, the well maintained walking trails, the constant run of water as you follow the West Credit River, this is a hikers paradise.


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