Local Travels: Rattlesnake Point

I have heard many things about the Milton hiking hot spot known as Rattlesnake Point. That it is beautiful, well known for its cliffs as well as its surprising lack of rattlesnakes. I have read that the area is named not after the snake itself but the snake-like glacier path which cut its way through the Niagara Escarpment. This means one amazing thing: views. When an area is nestled into the escarpment the way Rattlesnake Point is, you are pretty much guaranteed great picturesque look out areas.

Camera 1518

When we drove up to the conservation park, we nearly missed the entrance since it looks like a small residential driveway and the sign was hidden behind greenery. So, drive carefully and be ready for a sharp turn on the up-hill back road. Entry is $7.00 a person, which I have to say is a little steep but if you are an avid hiker will probably be worth it since this area has 13 km of trail in itself as well as a connection to Crawford lake, which will take you into a 11.9 km round trip adventure. My partner and I attempted to hike this connection but failed, we were exhausted from exploring Rattlesnake Point and just couldn’t continue. I recommend starting off on this trail if you would like to finish but perhaps on your second visit to the point because you don’t want to miss out on the cliffs, caves and old trees.

When we first started off our hike, we were really taken in by the forest and the constant views across the escarpment the trails provided. Just a mass amount of bird-eye views of farmland and forest, the green seemed to stretch on forever, it was wonderful. These lookout areas are lined by a low stone rock wall, which really add a beautiful touch to an already gorgeous area. We hiked for a couple of hours, enjoying the mass amount of trail and trees. The trails are well taken care of and quite wide, enough that it can be shared with hikers going in both directions. Everything was labelled efficiently and we found the area incredibly easy to navigate, even myself who is very directional challenged knew where I was for most of the hike.

Would I return to this area? Absolutely but not in the spring. When we were heading back to the parking lot we were hit with just the most awful smell. It smelled like rotting sewage and came out of no where. We were incredibly confused and everyone around us seemed to be as well and we covered our noses, practically running to the car at this point. After a little research, I have come to learn that the smell is from a mushroom farm at the bottom of the escarpment and their peak farming season is the spring. Don’t let this dissuade you from exploring the cliffs of Rattlesnake Point, just plan your trip accordingly.



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