Fall Colours at the Lake


As November draws to a close and another season is changing, I cannot help but reflect on what a truly kick ass autumn 2017 has brought. In Canada, the temperature is now dipping into the negatives (or has been for quite some time now depending on where you live) and the leaves are slowly making their way to the ground. Going on hikes I notice how skeletal everything looks above but the colours on the floor are truly autumnal. Before we say good-bye to this season, I had to take a trip back to my stomping ground (Brampton, ON) and walk around Heart Lake Conservation Area; arguably the only good hiking spot in the City. I have frequented this place since my teens…which was a long time ago… I have been here with friends, animals as well as my significant other, it’s a pretty low key nature spot in the City.


Oh boy, things have changed since I was last here…there is a Treetop Trekking course? Well, that’s pretty neat and a great little addition to the woods of the lake. I guess when I lived in Brampton I didn’t realize how pretty this little area actually is, isn’t that how is always goes? Also, a pretty common theme of this blog, realizing beauty will and always has been around you. So, a little bit about Heart Lake; it is apart of Toronto Conservation, it has various family fun activities such as a splash pad, boat rentals, fishing, picnic areas as well as four different trails to hike. The daily admission is enforced throughout the operating year but if you park at Lagerquist Middle School and walk up the large hill behind the soccer field, you will find a hole in fence that will take you along a trail that leads directly into Heart Lake…Don’t spend your money.

Camera 2265

I was not very impressed with the amount of litter in the woods, seriously Brampton, get it together. This is something that most hikers will shake their heads at, leave only footprints; am I right? The lake was calm on this November evening and the leaves were reflecting like autumn created sunshine. There were a couple of people fishing or walking their dogs but in general it was quaint and serene, a perfect outing for my partner and I who just wanted a relaxing, lazy nature afternoon. We spent a good two hours hiking, skipping stones and hanging out on the dock by the main beach, it was a good day.


I have to admit that when it comes to Heart Lake Conservation I am a bit biased, I have some fond memories here however truth be told I am always happy to make my way back to this familiar neck of the woods. It is a perfect local hiking spot within the City of Brampton.However, is it somewhere I would recommend going out of your way to visit? Absolutely not. This is not a magical place, it isn’t even the nicest spot in Peel but if you happen to find yourself making a trip into Brampton, this could be a nice green surprise.



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