Family Trail Blazing: Cold Creek Conservation

I come from a pretty adventurous family. I remember growing up and going camping, travelling, going to the cottage, swimming and generally maintain a good relationship with nature. My mother’s bucket list consists of some pretty cool items such as sky diving and doing the CN tower edge walk. While my father has played hockey since he was 5 and has zip-lined the rain forest in Costa Rica. As a kid, this stuff was pretty mandatory and consistent but maybe I didn’t appreciate it, maybe I complained that I wanted to stay inside and watch TV, I definitely missed my bed with all of the summer camping trips and when I look back I kinda cringe at what I brat I could be. I think this is all a part of growing up and maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I have learned to appreciate and admire the adventurous side of my family, I dare say that I may even now be one of them. So, when I started hiking a couple of years ago my mom was really encouraging (she is a bonafide country chick…I don’t think I am on her level) and she wanted to join me in the forest, which is how we ended up at a small hiking area near her house in Nobleton called; Cold Creek Conservation Area.

Pulling up to the gates it was pretty obvious that the area was closed, my mother insisted we can still hike, I was skeptical. However, on the gate was a tiny sign advising that even when closed please feel free to park and explore; I thought that this was pretty cool. As soon as you cross the gates there is a map of the park, it is quite large as there are 6.6 km of marked trails, a total of 190 hectares.

We headed along a trail that loops back to the parking lot, it is marked and a very easy terrain. My mother, who did encourage me to become an outdoorsy women is very outside of her realm when it comes to hiking…she wanted to wear flip flops until I nagged her so hard she changed into runners. The trail is flat and well worn, very good for family hikes, taking the dog out or casual strolls.

On this particular day the sun was out, the skies were blue and the leaves were changing; it was a beautiful sight. Along the trail there were a couple of ponds, which means mosquitoes in the summer…always a bummer. However, it was brisk and chilly for us so we didn’t run into anything unpleasant.

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department hosts summer camp and a variety of educational programs in Cold Creek Conservation Area and we came across what looked like some camp projects (a Bug Hotel and painted tree stumps) as well as a low rope course and a rock climbing wall.

The hiking was perfect for our group or any first timers that would like to dabble their boots in nature. I stopped for photo opportunities, of which there were many because of the pretty leaves and weather. I would not recommend coming here if you want a challenging trail, this just wasn’t one of those areas. It is one where families pack picnics and those who want to hike due so at a leisurely pace. Think of Cold Creek Conservation Area as the Sundays of hiking; comfortable, warm, lethargic and wonderful in its own unique way.


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