Bless Your Soul in Nashville, Tennessee

Planning my trip to Nashville was quite honestly the main reason I made my way down south two weeks ago. When we were invited to a friends wedding in April I decided that we were going to take a road trip and Nashville was fairly close so I decided to head to the music capital of the United States of America, with some pretty unrealistic hopes in my head. To be quite honest, I heard everyone who has been to this City describe it as ‘alive’, meaning that music and people are in abundance along Broadway. I expected a non-stop music fest the minute I stepped into the city but that wasn’t exactly the case. More on that later.

I started off my day a little outside of the city at the Grand Ole Opry the famous concert venue for some of the best country music singers. If you don’t like country music you will still enjoy the beauty of the building, with the floor to ceiling windows, extra large chandeliers  and wood paneling; the decor of this place was impressive. Everything was decorated for fall which I found adorable, I also enjoyed the free parking across the street in the Mall. There is a tour of the place for about $32.76 USD a person but I opted out in favour of The Country Music Hall of Fame which is around the same price. We took some pictures with the giant guitars outside of the Opry house and took a walk around the grounds, apparently there used to be a free museum that the public had access to but it seems this was destroyed in a flood. I enjoyed this visit and it really set the mood for what I anticipated to be a very country music filled day! I would come back and perhaps shell out for the tour, I am quite curious to see what the Opry looks like on the inside.

Next up: The Country Music Hall of Fame, which could quite honestly be it’s own post entirely. First of all I should say that parking in the City of Nashville is a b#@$% and can be  very expensive for us tourists. I paid over $20.00 and I do not want to talk about it. But on to the good stuff, the building the museum is in is amazing! The outside has a waved roof and looks very chic, the inside is very modern, clean and pretty but be prepared for a wait. We got there at 2pm and the museum closes at 5pm, this was just the right amount of time to see everything we wanted to and enjoy the museum to the fullest. Anything less than this and you will be rushing to fit everything in because it is quite large and full of many plaques to read about your favourite stars.

We decided to do the audio tour and I think it was well worth it, most of the displays have an option for the audio tour and I believe I learned more than I would have without it. I really liked the Shania Twain display, it had a lot of her costumes and explained that she got her start singing on reserves in Northern Canada, pretty neat. As you go along the museum you will learn a lot about how country music planted it’s roots, the older stars, a huge display of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan’s relationship and then moving on to the newer stars. You will end in the Hall of Fame itself and make your way to the gift shop, which in my opinion was overpriced and not really impressive.

We then made our way to Broadway, the heart of Music City and that is where everything just nose dived. I heard the music, saw the people, walked towards the lights and when I turned the corner…my face fell in disappointment. I know that Nashville is a huge tourist spot and I was prepared for that but I was not prepared for how dirty and gross the City was. I really wanted to love it, I really, really, really wanted to love Nashville but I did not. This was one of my biggest bucket list items and I was so disappointed. It is crowded, polluted and expensive, unfortunately I do not recommend visiting Nashville, Tennessee. Which is why I named this entry ‘Bless your soul’ because I learned that in the southern states this is a way of saying ‘aw sweetie, at least you tried’.


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