Bound for a Southern Road Trip

I am writing this as I put the final articles into my suitcase and triple check that I have all of my travel documents because I am due at the airport tomorrow morning to start one heck of a road trip. This is my first road trip as an adult, which may sound odd but I have been in the car with my family when I was younger on many occasions. However, I didn’t get to choose the destination, the pit stops or even the radio station but all of that is about to change! I am super excited to board the plane tomorrow heading towards Tennessee, first stop will be a layover in Chicago, then two days in Nashville, three days in The Great Smokey Mountains and finishing off the rest of my trip in South Carolina. I have been planning this vacation since April, whimsically booking Airbnb’s, rental cars and excursions; looking towards a date in the future that seemed so far away. Like most travelers, nothing felt real until I left my office at 5pm today and realized ‘Oh my, its time for my road trip!’. Stay tuned for one heck of an adventure!



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