Travel Local Part II: Doors Open

Do you live in Ontario? Have you heard of the annual event; Doors Open Ontario? If you have, good for you but if you haven’t, me neither. Not until last month when I was attending the Applefest Fall Fair in Burlington did I learn that every Municipality in Ontario opens local buildings of historical and religious nature for free. From what I have gathered this event occurs yearly throughout the province between the months of April and October, participating museums, religious buildings, court houses, town halls, etc,  open their doors for no charge to the public. So, with an itinerary in one hand and a small double-double in the other, I headed out to Milton, Ontario hoping to learn more about the small City.

I chose Milton for this event because I missed the Burlington Doors Open due to an oversight in my calendar, sigh. I mixed up the dates but I did still have a good time in Milton, a place where I spent a huge chunk of my life and still cannot believe how big the city is now! If you have never been to Milton, I would recommend exploring the downtown area; with quaint shops and great eats this is a road trip worth the time.

I only went to two different buildings; Waldie’s Blacksmith Shop and Milton Town Hall. Starting off with the Blacksmith Shop, I parked my car for free and headed to the small building. I am not a big tool gal but it was neat knowing that there were originals and artifacts, a little piece of history from the trade. They served some cookies and hot apple cider however I do have to say that it was not as engaging as I hoped. When I was here there didn’t seem to be anyone from the Milton Doors Open event. I don’t think I learned anything about the shop other than what I read in the Doors Open Halton Pamphlet.


Milton Town Hall was a whole other ball game. They offered guided tours where I learned that the building used to be a prison and the beautiful gardens outside were once the prisoners exercise yard. I was taken through the entire building, shown where the staff meetings are held and Town meetings. There was local art displayed throughout the entire building, what a neat way to bring yourself closer to the community.

I always recommend exploring where you live, beyond all else it is a great way to find cheap and free activities offered in your region. You can usually find postings on your cities webpage, libraries and even your local Starbucks will have an event bulletin board. This was a brand new thing to me but I am so glad that I went, funny how that happens. I enjoy reading and learning about where I live, I enjoy being  a nerd and I really enjoy new experiences where I don’t have to pay a dime!


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