Cliffs & Carvings in Bon Echo

There is just something amazing about an unplanned road trip. I have always been a fan of the unknown, if I were a cat curiosity would have already gotten the best of me. This was one of the most unplanned day trips to a very popular Ontario Park. Traveling to Bon Echo Provincial Park has been on my Ontario Bucket List for years, it is a unique landscape for Canadian hiking. I say this not because of the bodies of water but because of the First Nation’s pictographs which have made this site a historic landmark. I was very eager to make my way to this area to canoe out to the pictographs which are only accessible by boat, but I forgot my wallet and only had enough money for entrance! Why?!?!?! While I was beyond disappointed I still made the best out of a sad situation.



Getting into the park was super hectic and I was there before 11am on a Monday. This is probably because this is a well known spot for hiking, day tripping, camping, rock climbing and boating. After paying the entrance fee of $11.25 I made my way to parking, which there is ample of.Ā  Walk-in fee per person is $2..00 for anyone over the age of 18 and $1.00 for anyone under; so if you can get a ride to this park or find somewhere outside the perimeters to park your car, then pinch those pennies! The park is huge and I did not get to explore everything in one day. There is much to see and it far beyond beautiful.


The Mazinaw Rock is breathtaking, I have not seen anything like this before in Ontario and spent a good twenty minutes just taking pictures and muttering “wow”. You can see the rock climbers across the lake being the beasts that they are because those cliffs look intense!


I spent most of my time exploring the trails (ranging between 1km and 17km) and lounging at the beach. I am very disappointed in myself for forgetting my wallet because I have no idea when I will be back here, so if I can suggest something it would be to plan better than I did! This is a very popular area so ensure that you are prepare to share the trail, expect waits but take a breath and look around because this is going to be one of the most beautiful sights you will ever take in.



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