Looping Through Kerncliff Park

When I lived in Cambridge, Ontario I had a favourite local trail I would visit almost weekly. It was challenging, the views were great and the area was quite large. So when my partner and I decided to pack up and move to Burlington, Ontario we were leaving behind more than just our first home together. We left behind almost two years of familiar flora and fauna. So, starting in a new city means starting new adventures and searching for that spot you will always go to when you need to get back to nature. With this purpose in mind I decided to explore Kerncliff Park; a local green spot that is nestled in a pretty suburban area. Like most of the trails I explore, this one also links up with the Bruce trail. However, I left this part unexplored…for now.

Upon arrival there is a marshy looking area to the left and a forest to the right. The marshy area is a long boardwalk that weaves through many cat tails and tall flowers, ending in a desert like space. This is a neat area to take pictures because of the ample sunshine and rocky cliffs that set the background. Be warned, in the summer this is a breading ground for almost every annoying insect known in Canada, almost.

The forest is full of easy hiking trails which loop and meet up with each other, sometimes connecting with a foot bridge. The terrain is soft and well worn down; basic runners can easily complete these loops. What struck me as odd was the lack of people in the forest, I rarely stumbled across any other hikers, despite being in between and at times right behind housing. It is an incredibly hilly area so prepare for some cardio however there are benches along the way for you to rest your gams.

I was not overly impressed with Kerncliff Park. It was a pretty underwhelming trail with limited hiking and constant looping.  Burlington hiking is an entirely new concept to me and I am still looking for that perfect local trail; one that I will turn to during every season and still be eager to go back and explore further. Unfortunately Kerncliff Park was not the one but I will continue on my search for the white whale of Burlington hiking trails.


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