Travel Local Part One: Burlington

While I love running through a lush forest, climbing a huge hill for a view or kayaking in rocky salty waters; I don’t happen to live in an area that allows for such travels on a daily basis. I live in a small city called Burlington. It is located in Southern Ontario and is a really nice place to hunker down in. I moved here at the end of May of this year (2017) from Cambridge, Ontario and was immediately blown away by the beauty of Burlington and the Halton Region in general. So, that is what this mini-series of blogging entries is going to center around: local travels in Halton Region. I am hoping to focus on both common and uncommon areas throughout the region. If you are reading this and think about somewhere I need to go and slap down a credit card or strap on a pair of hiking boots, please feel free to share. I would love to hear from you. I have much to explore in this new area and would like to start off in my city; Burlington.

Last month was my birthday (yay!) and my partner organized an entire Burlington day. We went to the Art Gallery of Burlington, ate macaroons at Molly Cake and ended the day with cupcakes at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. This was pretty much our first day-trip in Burlington and we were not disappointed.

The Art Gallery of Burlington

This is a nice free to the public spot to take a gander at some local art. They have paintings, sculptures, pottery and public classes for adults and children. While the art is not as impressive as what you will find at much larger galleries throughout the country it is a quaint place that shows off the talent of the area. There is a gallery scavenger hunt that is meant for children but we rocked it anyways. For me, the gardens and small greenhouse were my favourite part. When we were there the gardens featured a large scale wind chime exhibit. This was really neat and sounded very pretty.

When we finished our tour we stopped off at the gift shop which had some amazing pieces of home décor and Canadian art. I would recommend coming here to do some of your Holiday shopping; the pieces are incredibly unique and the staff were really friendly.

Molly Cakes


We stopped at this little bakery right after finishing at the gallery. This is a small, quaint shop with a pretty substantial selection of desserts to choose from. I really wanted a macaroon and my partner had a hankering that only a cookie could fill. I had the vanilla bean macaroon and he had the cookie of the day, which we still don’t know the name of. We both loved our treats and I even said that I have not experienced such a delicious macaroon since my visit to Paris, France. My partner still goes on about that cookie! While the desserts were sweet the staff member was not, she was really dismissive and didn’t seem interested in us at all. I was a little put off by this but the quality of the product really made up for it.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe


Our last – and my favourite – stop of my birthday tour! When you walk into the bakery it is stunning, pink everywhere and smiles on everyone’s faces. I am lactose intolerant and when I heard about a bakery serving up some lactose and gluten free desserts that actually taste great I was incredibly skeptical. When I was taking a gander at all of their beautiful treats, I remained skeptical. Everything changed when I took the first bite of the rest of my life, that dolce de leche cupcake was magical! It was everything a cupcake should be: moist, creamy icing, sweet, flavouful and beautiful. But best of all, I can eat it without getting sick! The desserts here are quite large and I have trouble finishing them by myself, so bring a friend!

Not a bad start to exploring our new city. I am looking forward to more Halton Region travels and experiencing Burlington in the fall, winter and spring. I write this with a slight smile on my face; I think I am going to like it here.


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